We've spent years earning the trust of Hogan's Alley readers, so we don't make recommendations cavalierly. Please patronize the advertisers that help make publishing Hogan's Alley possible! We are also customers of these companies, so we can vouch for the quality of their products and services. Tell 'em Hogan sent you!

Abrams Comicarts

Abrams Comicarts publishes beautifully packaged books about classic and contemporary comics, ranging from the "Wimpy Kid" phenomenon to trailblazing classics by Will Eisner, George Herriman, Daniel Clowes and more.

Bill Cole Enterprises

Bill Cole Enterprises is the collector's best friend, with a large selection of archival-quality preservation materials for everything from comics to magazines to original art and more.

The Bill Holbrook Store

Bill Holbrook’s prodigious, innovative cartooning gets captured in his ever-expanding line of book collections. If you’ve never sampled his diverse cartooning, here’s the place for you!

Bags Unlimited

Bags Unlimited can meet the needs of any serious collector with an amazing array of archival supplies. And not just comics—if you collect records, trading cards or any other ephemera, Bags Unlimited will help protect your investment!

Creators Syndicate

Creator's Syndicate is home to some of today's most innovative cartoonists, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Mike Ramirez, and strips ranging from America's favorite teenager Archie Andrews to suburbia's favorite vampire, Scary Gary.

King Feature Syndicate

The oldest comics syndicate is the one that established the template that comics still follow, and King Features still offers some of the best and most entertaining fare on the comics pages today!

Flesk Publications

specializes in master illustrators from yesteryear and today. From Steve Rude to Al Williamson, from Mark Schultz to Bruce Timm, there's a great illustrator to savor.

Don Martin Store

FLOORP! SHNOOP! The work of Don Martin—MAD’s maddest artist—can now be yours on a variety of products!


The sister company of Universal Uclick, GoComics allows you to receive your favorite comics every day in a single customized e-mail. It also features today's top editorial cartoonists and tomorrow's rising stars in its Comics Sherpa section.

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is one of the nation's largest and most respected auction houses for comics, original comic art, illustration art, collectible memorabilia and more. Its catalogues alone provide hours of enjoyable reading.

IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing is producing some of today's most compelling collections of vintage cartooning. Recent volumes read like a Who's Who: Skippy, Rip Kirby, Little Orphan Annie, Steve Canyon, Archie and Dick Tracy, to name a few.


My Comic Shop is THE place to go to find that elusive back issue! My Comic Shop is the best place in cyberspace to shop or just browse their amazing inventory. And if you want to sell or consign, it’s also the place for you!


McFarland publishes a line of books that will inform and entertain fans of comics, movies, television, radio, popular culture and more. While treating topics intelligently, their books are also accessible and readable and leave readers with an enhanced appreciation of the topic.

Charles M. Schulz Museum & Research Center

The preeminent facility devoted to preserving the life and career of Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, the museum hosts programming dedicated to deepen the appreciation of Schulz’s work and of cartooning generally.

Oxford Comics

Oxford Comics is Atlanta’s largest and most diverse comics shop. It carries the city's widest selection of titles from mainstream, independent and underground publishers and a deep selection of graphic novels. The store also stocks many collectibles and back issues.

Hake’s Auctions

If you collect comics, or any sort of Americana, Hake’s is the place for you! Since the 1960s, Hake’s has been dedicated to offering the best and most unusual items that the field has to offer!

Stuart Ng Books

Stuart Ng Books offers books on contemporary and vintage comic art, illustration, science fiction art, good-girl art and more. The store also carries a line of sketchbooks featuring work in a variety of genres, imports from around the globe, and more.

Bear Manor Media

Bear Manor Media publishes books, magazines and audiobooks celebrating the great popular culture from years past! Without their work, much of the culture we can still appreciate might have been lost or inaccessible.

The University Press of Mississippi

The University Press of Mississippi publishes a line of books examining comics and the larger culture. Its line of books takes a scholarly yet accessible look at art forms as diverse as comic strips, comic books, animation, Civil War humor, political cartooning and much more.

Rutgers University Press

The imprint of the august Rutgers University, the press offers scholarly, authoritative and engaging works on comics as well as other aspects of popular culture, written by respected experts in their fields.

Yoe Books

Yoe Books is the place that preserves the comics we love! Horror, humor, war and weirdness all get unparalleled treatment at the award-winning Yoe Books.